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Do You Believe in Signs: Journey Beyond and Back

Kirlian photo of energy emiting from the finger of Prince Aracini/Bill Clark
while concentrating on healing.  Courtesy, Paul Sauvin.
                         Signs: Journey Beyond and Back

             A book centuries in the making.
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With a flash from the sky Bill Clark is transported from his simple world of carpentry and inspecting cars into another dimension of awareness; his consciousness forever altered. At first Bill is confused, his wife is frightened, they do not believe in psychic phenomenon or the paranormal; then a sweet voice from the past speaks, enlightening them with a firm but gentle message. For Bill a new life journey has begun; eventually it will lead beyond the earthly realm into esoteric regions overflowing with metaphysical and mystical phenomenon.
Travel with this humble and unassuming man through his personal and amazing story and you will be propelled headlong into the whirlwind of supernatural events which permeated the life of this healer/trance medium, his family and friends, and his long lost love who returned from the afterlife to stand by his side.
This riveting and exciting journey includes teleportation to other dimensions, numerous near death accidents, extraordinary experiences, and a Princess from ancient Mesopotamia who speaks of future events. With even the slightest interest or a total fascination in healing, walk-in’s, reincarnation, channeling, psychics, or earth changes, this book is an amazing read.

Chapter 1

A Flash Shall Set You Free


"It was June, 1968, a time when all automobiles in Florida had to be inspected every year. This particular day had begun bright and sunny. By mid-afternoon, Bill was busy testing the cars, which formed a semi-circle around the building, each waiting its turn. As a vehicle approached the facility, built as a large open bay, the driver would be directed to either the right or left side of the bay, which made it possible to inspect two cars at the same time. The owner of each vehicle would drive in one side of the building, and when testing was complete, pull through and out the other end. Lights, windshield wipers, and brakes all needed to be functioning within set limits.
The two brake machines, used in testing the cars, ran on 220 amps and were built into the floors of both bays. As an inspector, Bill would tell each driver, on his side of the bay, to slowly pull forward until the automobile tires rested between two large rollers. Once the vehicle was in the proper position, the driver would be told to put the car in neutral.
In one hand an inspector held the control box, which hung from the ceiling and was attached to the electrical monitoring system. As the vehicle’s owner pressed on the brakepedal, the inspector pressed the button on the control box, which started the rollers in the floor turning, in order to determine if the car brakes were functioning properly.
The inspectors were busy with their tasks and took no heed of the roiling clouds which were slowly gathering in the darkening sky. The summer months in Florida are notorious for afternoon storms, and along with the change from bright and sunny to shadowy, the thunder rolled ominously as the storm closed in. Before the inspectors knew what was happening, a fierce wind was whipping rain through the station, while rapid bolts of lightening made everyone look as if they were flashing in silhouette.
The storm raged on for some time, and the sky was no longer simply grey and dark; it looked almost black. Bill was yelling at his boss they needed to stop the inspections. All of the inspectors, including Bill, were drenched and the brake machines and the brakes on the cars were so wet that neither was working well. Bill’s boss yelled back, “Just check one more, then we’ll shut down until the storm passes.”
A woman in a yellow Volkswagen beetle inched forward; Bill raised his free hand, motioning for her to stop on the rollers. Bill tried to wipe the wet from his face and, through the din of the storm, was just about to yell for the woman to step on her brake pedal. He stood staring, still as a statue of stone, as he saw a ball of orange yellow light come spinning through the broad opening of the bay.
Still gripping the control box he thrust his right arm out towards the ball of spinning energy, which hit the fingers of his fist, full center. The force of the shock knocked the box out of Bill’s hand, picked him up, and threw him across the bay where he hit the wall and slid to the floor. His boss, Scott,1 had seen the ball of spinning light hit Bill’s hand, and as Bill slumped down on to the bottom of the bay, everyone who was working that day came rushing over.
Bill was surrounded by darkness. He thought he had passed out; then he could see a bright light. "

Bill Clark, some time in the early 1970's.
Photo by: Kathleen Vitale

In the early seventies Bill/Prince Aracini was invited to Mankind Research, Inc. to take part in testing his various abilites.
Paul Sauvin has graciously given permission to use the Kirlian Photo's he had taken during reseach at the MRI Center.

A participating female researcher placed a finger on the kirlian photography plate
her finger print showed a narrow band of light.
Aracini/Bill placed his finger on top of her finger, he concentrated on
sending energy through her finger to the plate below, when the
photo above was developed it showed this wide starburst of energy.

A dime was placed on the photography plate, Aracini/Bill
placed his finger on top of the dime sending energy
through it while this picture was taken.

The Power of Love

The letter Bill Clark/Aracini began writing to his first wife ----------
 Princess Tara completed the letter.  Bill did not know his
letter was interupted nor that he was lead to mail it. 
Princess Tara always printed block letters with no
capitalization at the beginning of sentences.

Aracini/Bill laying hands in healing. His arms are exhibiting
the purple welts associated with the intense energies flowing
through him. The welts have not as yet burst nor the flesh
curled back as though his arms had been scraped or lashed
by barbed wire.

Princess Tara has entered Bill Clark's body,
hands always crossed upon his chest in the
identical manner, body ridgid and appearing
quite Regal. Note the intensity of her gaze
through Bill Clark's eyes.

This white ball of light was Princess Tara trying to reveal herself.
It was also seen by people who could blank their thoughts
completely allowing the Princess to make herself visible to
them. It was then that she would materialize, sitting before
the individual in the physical form.
The white ball of light was always seen just prior to her
appearing, when Aracini was in trance. Aracini/Bill is seated
directly behind the ball of light. This photo was taken with an
old fashioned instamatic camera.

Reverand Eve McGann, visits with Aracini/Bill at his apartment in
Melbourne Florida, 1987. Eve is a gifted psychic, she helped Bill to
accept his 'healing gift' and originally traveled with him for a year
when he began his 'work' of helping people. They remained close
friends and she continued to visit and travel with him to many cities
for many years.
Eve continues using her gift and can currently be reached at:

CONTACT ShalomiRose :  For Questions - Comments - Healing Requests....... go to

I hope you enjoyed these photographs, please be aware, All photo's printed in First Edition of  "Do You Believe in Signs; Journey Beyond and Back, copyright 2011" are printed in B/W. 


  1. Wow! What an amazing introduction to what sounds like an incredible book! I can't wait to read it! Please keep me updated on when it will be available! The pictures are fantastic!

  2. Seeing the aged edges on a couple of the pictures are signs of their authenticity. The date on the dime reads 1965.

  3. 33 degrees
    everyday except 3
    Feb 9th (3x3)

    Tara was here. Through Bill she arrived. Telling
    of wonders about all our existence.
    Writing on any paper near by showed her persistence.

  4. I'm an old friend of Paul Sauvin's. He disappeared years ago: neither his friends nor family have been able to locate him. How and when did you get his permission to use the MRI Kirlian photos? Sure would like to contact him. He should be about 84 now. Bob Hamilton

    1. Hello Mr. Hamilton,

      I am uncertain if you will receive this reply since you wrote so long ago, nevertheless I did want to respond.
      I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you concerning your comment & questions;
      I have been off site.
      I am extremely disappointed to learn that no one has heard from Paul Sauvin for years, that is quite distressing and I am saddened by that revelation.
      I too had been trying to find Paul through internet and even tried phoning several places I thought he had worked in the past to try to track him down but I never got anywhere with my searches.
      Paul had written and signed a release years ago concerning the Kirlian photos he took during research with my husband. I had been trying to reach Paul as I felt he would be really thrilled for Bill that the book was finally competed and published and included some of the photos from his work with Bill at MRI.
      I am sorry for you and for me that Paul had disappered and so long ago it seems.
      I am saddened with this turn of events and knowledge.
      Take Care, Shalomi Rose

  5. Thank you for your blog. I have been searching for any information on Bill for years. My fiancé and I attended weekly meetings at his home in VA in the early 70s and were graced by a visit from Princess Tara. My fiancé also participated in some Kirlian photography which was done at Bill's apartment - that was an enlightening experience. I am so very grateful to Bill. Not long after my fiancé passed away, Bill called me and told me he knew and would I come by that night for dinner with he and his wife. I did, and I have NEVER forgotten any of my experiences. God bless you.

  6. Hello kva, it is so great to hear from one who knew Bill and Princess Tara. I would very much enjoy speaking with you if you ever have the interest. If you read the book I would enjoy hearing your comments. There were so many amazing events throughout Bills life, both before I arrived and after,.that a great deal had to be left out. Thank you for your comment and very happy you found this site. Blessings ShalomiRose

    1. that is wonderful some new (well old friend of Bill's) contacted you! :)
      also what happened to all my comments lol :D i was the 1st one to comment when this got up and running!! :) hmmmm i actually had forgotten about the blog :) i just shared again about the book on fb! i appeared on my memories from last year! :) <3

  7. I'm amazed to have found this site! years ago in Miami, I took a parapsychology course at Dade County College. My instructor was Allan McConnel sp?

    It was a very small class of 7 or 8 people and I was lucky enough to meet Bill Clark who my visited our class occasionally. What a great man! I remember one day we all went to McDonalds for coffee and snacks and then back to watch a movie about Egypt. As the movie began there were images of the Pyramids which put Bill into a trance like state in which he crushed the cup of hot coffee he was holding! I had just been introduced to him that day and no one had briefed me on his past or about who he was. I liked him instantly. I'm a pretty good judge character and he struck me as being a straight up guy, sincere friendly. I was talking with him right up to that point and was very shocked when he fell into the trance like state. This was no act! We rushed to his aid, cleaned up the spilled coffee and he returned to his normal state minutes later. That was my first introduction to Bill Clark. Also, just as a point of interest, here is a little info about how Bill began healing. Shortly after the ball lightning struck hi, he volunteered to care for a dog(a german shepard as I remember) that had been struck by a car days earlier. The owners had taken the dog to the Vet and xrays had revealed a broken back for which there was no treatment. The dog lay paralyzed on the gurney. The owners just couldn't bring themselves to euthanize the animal at that time and transported it back to their house where they hand fed it and tended to its other physical needs. They were absolutely exhausted after a couple days of this and Bill offered to watch the dog for them , in an attempt to get them out of the house. They needed a break. They agreed and Bill babysat. At one point, Bill began petting the dog and comforting it with affection and loving reassurance. The dog relaxed and slowly fell asleep. And as I remember, as did Bill. The next thing that happened is a shocker. Bill and the dog are awakened by the couple as they pulled into the driveway at which time the dog jumps up and looks out the front window at its arriving owners! That dog was the Bills first healing. I personally saw the before and after xrays. The spine had undergone an spontaneous healing fusion! As I recall, one of the regional newspapers ran the story complete with the xrays and that is how it all started. Days later, there was a line of cars parked up and down the street in front of Bill's house.
    My name is Bill and the time frame that all this took place was between 1978 and 1980 in SW Miami.